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Multicolor Library Flags-Free Printable Planner Stickers

Hi everyone!

So if you missed my last post, I’ll give you a brief recap of what’s going on. Basically I’ve designed tons of new sheets for you, all of which are library related. Instead of including 100 downloads in one post, I’ve categorized all the pages and divided them up into 7 days. Today is day 2, and I will be sharing flags for your planner with library related reminders. Most of these you already saw in circle form from yesterday, so if you prefer that format, you should definitely check that post out. In the next few days I will be posting:

  • Headers
  • Icons
  • Decorative text and images
  • Volunteer labels
  • Library related bookmarks


Most of the stickers are usable in any planner, but the ones that do require a specific size are made to fit the Erin Condren Vertical and the Happy Planner.

I’ve made 10 sheets for you, 8 with different library related messages and 1 with an assorted variety of them. The first 9 sheets are banner flags that are 1in in height and .9in in width, but I personally like smaller flags that are .75in in height. I didn’t redo all the sheets in the smaller size, so I redid the assorted sheet in the mini size. However, if you would like a specific sheet in the mini size, you can fill out the custom order form below and I will get you your sheets!

I usually post printables like this every other day, but this week I will be releasing a printable everyday along with my normally scheduled posts. So Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, you will be getting two posts with printables! Subscribe and follow so you don’t miss out on a post!

How to use printables:

Ranked in order of Difficulty (1-easy, 4-hard)

  1. Silhouette: This is by far the easiest way and that would be to print out the stickers on a sheet of sticker paper and then run it through a cutting machine like the Silhouette Cameo. I have preset the cut lines in the studio3 file, but I would recommend double checking to make sure the stickers are going to be cut the way you want them to.
  2. Box Cutter/ X-acto Knife: Print out the stickers on sticker sheets. Using a sharp cutter and a ruler, gently press against the paper to create a cut through only the top layer of the sticker sheet. Peel back to use. Get a parent’s help if you are young as this can be very dangerous!
  3. Scissors: Print stickers on sticker sheet and cut out the various shapes with a pair of scissors. Peel the backing off to use.
  4. Stickerless decorating: This is by far the most tedious, but it definitely works. It doesn’t look as nice or glossy as stickers do but its a way to decorate a planner without purchasing sticker paper. Check out my blog post on how to do it!

Below each image you will find 2 files:  a studio3 (Silhouette) and a pdf. In the studio3 file, I have already set the cut lines for you, but you should definitely check before you print to make sure that everything is the way you want it. I tried to preset the cutlines and registration marks for all of them, but just in case I missed one, you’ll want to check and make sure before you print. I usually expand the box to its largest possible size and set the mark length to be somewhere in the middle.

By clicking “download” you are agreeing to my Terms and Conditions. Click the link to read more.


Multicolor Books Due Flags 1″ pdf- DOWNLOAD

Multicolor Books Due Flags 1″ studio3-DOWNLOAD


Multicolor Checkout Books Flags 1″ pdf- DOWNLOAD

Multicolor Checkout Books Flags 1″ studio3-DOWNLOAD


Multicolor Library Fees Flags 1″ pdf- DOWNLOAD

Multicolor Library Fees Flags 1″ studio3-DOWNLOAD


Multicolor Library Assorted Flags 1″ pdf- DOWNLOAD

Multicolor Library Assorted Flags 1″ studio3-DOWNLOAD


Multicolor Library Visit Flags 1″ pdf- DOWNLOAD

Multicolor Library Visit Flags 1″ studio3-DOWNLOAD


Multicolor Overdue Books Flags 1″ pdf- DOWNLOAD

Multicolor Overdue Books Flags 1″ studio3-DOWNLOAD


Multicolor Pickup Holds Flags 1″ pdf- DOWNLOAD

Multicolor Pickup Holds Flags 1″ studio3-DOWNLOAD


Multicolor Renew Books Flags 1″ pdf- DOWNLOAD

Multicolor Renew Books Flags 1″ studio3-DOWNLOAD


Multicolor Story Time Flags 1″ pdf- DOWNLOAD

Multicolor Story Time Flags 1″ studio3-DOWNLOAD


Multicolor Library Assorted Flags .75″ pdf- DOWNLOAD

Multicolor Library Assorted Flags .75″ studio3-DOWNLOAD

If you have any suggestions for printable stickers, leave them here, and I will get back to you ASAP!

See my other labels, and check out more multicolor items!

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If you want this specific sheet customized with the sheet in only a few colors, please fill out the form below and I will email you your custom order for free!

If you select more than one color, I will divide them evenly among the 63 flags. Selecting “mini” will change all the flags into .75″.

For all custom orders, please keep in mind:

*For first orders you must be subscribed to and following You will need an email account to subscribe and a WordPress account to follow.

  • For more than one order, you must be subscribed to and following in addition to You will need an email account to subscribe and a WordPress account to follow.

Also, please remember that I reserve the right to cancel an order if need be, but I will always consider every order.


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Thanks for visiting my site, and I hope to see you again soon!

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**All images and designs are my own.

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